RAMP-WIN010 Step 3. Test the Special Field Handler

In this step you will test the special field handler.

1.   Execute the Framework as a VLF-WIN application, as Designer.

2.   In the Personnel application, display the details of an employee.

3.   Put the cursor on the Department Code field and press F2 to display the special field handler:


4.   Double-click on a tree entry. The selected department code is inserted back into the field on your 5250 screen instantly.

5.   Select items in the tree, without double-clicking. Notice that they are immediately updated back into your 5250 form.

6.   Click back somewhere on your 5250 form to make the handler go away.

7.   Type "M" when the field handler is displayed. Notice the handler tries to guess the closest matching department. 

8.   Expand a department to see the employees that belong to it.


Note: DF_PRM04 is a classic F4 prompter. How it behaves it is entirely up to you. By using it (and the other DF_PRMnn shipped examples) you can try out and modify various types of prompting so that you will know how to create your own special field handling components.