Frequently Asked Questions

How is a Framework associated with RAMP-TS or RAMP-NL?

I have made a mistake in classifying a screen. How do I change the classification?

How do I differentiate two screens which have the same name?

How can I use web browser windows from RAMP scripts?

How can I get the message from the bottom of the current 5250 screen into my RAMP script?

How do I handle RA (Auto Record Advance) fields?

Why should the F12=Cancel and F3=Exit buttons and function keys be disabled on every 5250 screen?

Do I have to identify and script every 5250 screen in my application to modernize it?

How can I get the RAMP tool to assign a fixed session?

Can you add in your own functions to the scripts?

How do I make my scripts work in multiple partitions?

How to tell in a RAMP-TS script what theme is being used?

How do I stop break messages in aXes 5250 sessions?