Steps Involved in Using RAMP

You need to complete these steps:

Step Comments   Modernization of Infrequently Used Application Application Modernization

1. Create a prototype of your application.

The prototype will evolve into the final application.

You need access to the subject matter expert at least during this stage.    



2. Identify the 5250  screens in the existing application.


Identify only entry point 5250 screens

Identify all 5250 screens that need to be modernized as well as significant fields

3. Record the 5250 entry point screens and snap them into the Framework. 

The Framework needs to know how to access and display the screens.  



4. Create the required Framework filters

Using powerful filters is the basis of reusing the 5250 screens in new modernized ways. 

Not necessary.


5. Optionally add new features making use of Windows functionality

For example you may want to add advanced screens for for instance email, video, graphing.



6. Deploy

Deploy your application