xxxxxxx is an orphan script and should be deleted

A RAMP warning  message is displayed saying that a script is an orphan script and should be deleted.

What does the message mean?


How do you delete a script if you get this message?


How can you get an orphan script?


When would you use the merge tool to just merge in a single script without also merging in its parent destination, junction or special screens as well?


How should you approach merging RAMP screens and their associated scripts produced by multiple developers?

Assuming that the high level Framework design objects, that is applications, business objects, commands and command handlers (tabs) have been set up by the master designer and all developers are working from the same model (that is the developers just define the RAMP screens and scripts and then link them up to the pre-defined command handler tabs):


How can you get scripts with the same name?

In a multi-developer environment if two developers create scripts, you may end up with two scripts named for example FORMSCRIPT_137.

If the work of these developers is merged together, this situation may be confusing to the developers, but it is not confusing to RAMP because to RAMP the script name is just a caption. Internally RAMP recognizes and executes scripts by their unique GUID.

Developers can change the default script names to avoid this confusion.