In aXes 4.2

The project is in a file named

It is located in your VL workstation's ….\X_WIN95\X_LANSA\x_dem\web\vl folder.

Unzip to get IBM i save file VLFONERAMP and upload it to library QGPL.

Your aXes system has an IFS <root folder>. You need to know what that is named. Typically it is AXESJSM.

Create a new IFS sub-folder \<axes root folder>\jsm\instance\www\instance\htdocs\ts\screens using a command like:

RST DEV('/qsys.lib/qgpl.lib/vlfoneramp.file') OBJ(('/axes/ts/screens/vf_vlfone_ramp_demo' *INCLUDE '/<axesroot>/jsm/instance/www/instance/htdocs/ts/screens/vf_vlfone_ramp_demo))

You should see a message indicating objects have been restored into the folder /<axesroot>/jsm/instance/www/instance/htdocs/ts/screens/vf_vlfone_ramp_demo folder and its sub-folders.

Then use a command like:

CHGAUT OBJ('/<axes root folder>/jsm/instance/www/instance/htdocs/screens /vf_vlfone_ramp_demo') USER(*PUBLIC) DTAAUT(*R) OBJAUT(*NONE) SUBTREE(*ALL)

to set the correct *PUBLIC authorities.

Start the aXes developer home page and verify that the vf_vlfone_ramp_demo project is present and shows the correct description: