New Features in EPC 843 Version of RAMP

This section outlines new features in EPC843 version of RAMP-TS:

SSL Support for RAMP-TS

SSL (Secure Socket Layer) support can now be added to RAMP-TS. Check the

See the Use HTTPS option in the Framework server options.


Note: To use SSL with RAMP-TS from VLF-WEB or VLF-NET applications, the VLF Web server also has to operate under SSL.


Switch From RAMP-TS Command Handlers to Other Business Objects

The new AVSWITCH Function enables a switch from the current screen to another business object and executes a nominated command once there. This is a basic implementation of the VLF Switch method.


Stop Values Saved to the Virtual Clipboard Persisting Beyond the Current Execution

A new parameter for the AVSAVEVALUE Function has been added so that, when set to FALSE, values saved to the VLF Virtual Clipboard can be stopped from persisting to further invocations of a RAMP-TS application. The default value is TRUE.


Private Version of the SHARED Object

A private version of the SHARED Object can now be used when RAMP-TS screens are kept in a Private Definition Folder. Check the Contains SHARED Object option in the RAMP-TS (Terminal Server) group box to indicate to RAMP-TS that the SHARED Object file is in the Private Definitions Folder. See Contains SHARED Object.

Note: If a Private Definition Folder is not nominated then the SHARED Object file is loaded from its default location.


Control when to recognize subfiles as tables

The new OVRSFLAUTOGUI Function allows you to turn the aXes system flag Recognise subfiles as tables on and off on a screen-by-screen basis.