Step 2. Filters

RAMP filters allow you to make lists of products based on user defined criteria.

Launch the Framework workbench.

Expand the RAMP tutorials application, Business Objects and click on Products.

Switch to the Filters tab, then Filter Snap-in Settings:


Note that when creating the RAMP Tutorials application, we have added a filter called DF_RPROFO to the Products business object.

Execute the framework as a VLF-ONE application.

Click on the RAMP Tutorials application but this time choose Products:


The shipped filter for Products runs and initially we see this screen:

The filter gives the end user the ability to work with a subset of products based on the chosen criteria. For example, products that are out of stock:


Using a filter makes Product Maintenance much easier. For example, instead of having to type a product number we can select the product from the list.