10. Action Bars and Pull Down Menus

10.1 What Is an Action Bar & Pull Down Menu?

10.2 Overview of Action Bar Layout and Processing Logic

10.3 Overview of Pull Down Layout and Processing Logic

10.4 CUA 1989 Considerations and Commitments

10.5 The LANSA Implementation of Action Bars

10.6 The Action Bar Control Table

10.7 Invoking an Action Bar as a Process

10.8 Using an Action Bar From a Function

10.9 Exit and Cancel Key Handling in Action Bars

10.10 Switching to/from Action Bar Logic

10.11 Action Bar Accelerator Keys

10.12 Action Bar Help Processing

10.13 Action Bar Security Considerations

10.14 Action Bar Application Design Considerations

10.15 Architecture of Action Bars

10.16 Action Bar Panel Design Considerations

10.17 Action Bar Programming Considerations

10.18 Action Bar Programming Examples with Frequently Asked Questions

The key component of the CUA 1989 standards for action bar driven systems is that of the Object-Action approach to application design.

Refer to the IBM supplied CUA manual Common User Access: LANSA Basic Interface Design Guide (SC26-4583) for more details of the Object-Action approach to design. Refer especially to the chapter Action Bar and Pull-Downs and the Appendix Designing an Object-Action Orientated Application.