10.13 Action Bar Security Considerations

When a pull down choice will cause an RDML function to be invoked, it is subject to normal LANSA function level security (if enabled).

When a user is not authorized to use a function, the associated pull down function will not appear in the pull down.

This fact is invisible to the user, because no "gaps" appear in the pull down menu. The unauthorized choice disappears and the following choices bunch up and re-number to cover the gap that it has left.

Please note that an "unauthorized" choice is not the same as an "unavailable" choice.

Unavailable choices are flagged by an "*" and are normally unavailable because some other choice must be used first (e.g.: "Edit Document" will be flagged as unavailable until "Open Folder" is used).

If security checks cause all the pull down choices associated with an action bar option to "disappear", then the action bar option itself will disappear from the action bar.

Again, this fact will be invisible to the user, because the action bar will bunch up, leaving no gaps.

This means that even though two users may be using the same action bar process, they may be seeing very different action bar and pulldown choices because they have different levels of access to the underlying functions being used.

This feature is important in multi-user system designs because it means that one action bar structure can actually be "tailored" for each user by using the normal LANSA security facilities.