2.3.4 User Message File Process Example

A developer may define a validation check in the LANSA data dictionary and indicate that if an error occurs, the error message number is USR4567 from message file USR01FRA is to be displayed.

The French message file is used because French is the default language for the partition, and therefore the development language.

What will happen when an application running in French encounters the error?

Message USR4567 from message file USR01FRA is issued and will appear on the bottom of the screen in French.

If, for example, the same LANSA system is running on an Italian-language PC, when message USR4567 is issued for message file USR01FRA, the operating system looks in USR01ITL first. If message UST4567 is found in USR01ITL, it will be displayed from that file in Italian. If it can't be found then it will be displayed in French from USR01FRA. (The equivalent would occur with USR02ITL and USR02FRA.)