Used to define the mapping of multiple fields in the closing WEBROUTINE into the local WEBROUTINE (the WEBROUTINE containing the prompter). This property is not directly editable. You can open a custom property editor window by clicking the ellipse button in the property sheet.

If you have only one field to copy from the closing WEBROUTINE you can use the field_name_to_exchange property instead If you have one or more fields to copy, all with matching names (i.e. FIELDA maps to FIELDA, FIELDB maps to FIELDB, etc.) then you can leave field_mapping and field_name_to_exchange unchanged. The prompter will automatically copy all fields in the closing WEBROUTINE into matching fields (if present) in the local WEBROUTINE.

Note that if field_name_to_exchange is defined field_mapping will be ignored.

Default value

This XPath expression identifies an XML data fragment, stored in the XSL Source, that contains the mapping information:

document('')/*/lxml:data/lxml:prompter[@id='<unique id>']

Valid values

Not Applicable. (This value is system maintained.) Use the ellipses button in the property sheet to edit field mapping.

In the following example the local WEBROUTINE is 'Main' and the prompter closing WEBROUTINE is 'Close'. The fields #PVAL1 and #PVAL2 from Close will be copied into the fields #SELECTED1 and #SELECTED2 in Main.