6. WAM and WEBEVENT Interoperability

LANSA V11.0 significantly extended the LANSA's ability to build web browser and internet based applications by providing a new type of component called a WAM (Web Application Module).

Prior to V11.0 the main instrument used to construct web browser applications was a special type of RDML function called a WEBEVENT function.

WEBEVENT functions continue to be fully supported and have been significantly enhanced in LANSA V11.0. There is little or no benefit in converting existing WEBEVENT functions to WAM components. However, you may benefit by extending and enhancing your existing WEBEVENT-based web applications.

A number of techniques for constructing web applications that contain a mixture of WAM components and WEBEVENT functions are described in the following topics:

6.1 A WAM Form Invoking a WEBEVENT Form

6.2 A WEBEVENT Form Invoking a WAM Form

6.3 A WAM Container Form Managing WEBEVENT Forms

6.4 A WEBEVENT Container Form Managing WAM Forms

6.5 Sharing Information between WAMs and WEBEVENT Functions