8.1 Standard Weblets

This section provides a description of the standard weblets, their properties and how to use them in your own webroutines. You will not use every property available for a weblet.

Weblet name


Anchor (std_anchor)

The anchor weblet provides a hyperlink (or anchor) control.

Attachment panel (std_attach_panel_v2)

Provides a panel with five areas where content can be dropped: left, top, right, center, and bottom.

Autocomplete (std_autocomplete)

While you type, the Autocomplete weblet provides suggestions provided by a WebRoutine using Ajax.

Checkbox (std_checkbox)

Checkbox with a caption.

CKEditor (std_ckeditor)

CKEditor is a WYSIWYG rich text editor.

Clickable image (std_click_image)

Image that can be clicked on.

Combo box (std_dropdown)

Drop down items can be specified via items property in the LANSA Editor or they can come from a list.

Dynamic Select Box (std_dynamic_select)

An element that allows you to create a dropdown or a list that can monitor another field and automatically refresh itself when that field changes.

Export to Excel (std_toexcel)

Allows you to export a table or grid to an Excel spreadsheet.

File Upload (std_fileupload)

Allows you to select files to upload to the application server.  The webroutine that receives the uploaded files can manipulate them as required.

Grid (std_grid_v2 and std_grid_v3)

Grid control with sortable columns. Grid cells can be populated from a list.

Image (std_image)

Image with the option to delay loading until the image comes into view.

Horizontal splitter (std_splitter_horz)

Horizontal splitter control that allows content to be added for top and bottom splitter panes.

Large List (std_largelist)

Large list. Used for report like (output only) lists with very simple formatting. List can be sent as XHTML or CSV (Comma-separated values).

Listbox (std_listbox)

List box control. The items can come from a list or specified directly through items property.

List paging buttons (std_list_buttons)

Buttons that can be used for browse list navigation.

List paging images (std_list_images)

Image buttons that can be used for browse list navigation.

Mark-up (std_markup)

Used when you want to visualize the content in output mode only. Companion to the CKEditor weblet.

Memo using a list (std_textarea_v2)

A multiline edit control where each line is loaded and stored to a list.

Memo using a field (std_list_textarea)

A multiline edit control using a field. Superseded by std_textarea_v2.

Menu bar (std_menubar)

Provides the functionality of a menu bar that can invoke other web pages including other web routines.

Menu item (std_menu_item_v2)

A hyperlink menu item. Used when creating HTML menus.

Messages (std_messages)

Shows messages from a WEBROUTINE that have been output with MESSAGE RDML command.

Navigation panel (std_nav_panel)

A panel that can navigate to a WEBROUTINE or a URL independently of the rest of the page.

Panel (std_panel)

A panel that allows contents such as html or other weblets to be dropped on it. All of its content is relatively positioned in the panel. It also has "snap to grid" design time support.

Print Page (std_printpage)

Provides a hyperlink to print the current page.

Progress bar (std_progressbar)

Display status of a determinate or indeterminate process.

Prompter (std_prompter)

A button that supports field prompting. The prompter can invoke a WEBROUTINE, even from a different WAM, for its pop up window page.

Push Button (std_button_v2) & Push Button with Images (std_image_button_v2)

These weblets provide themable push buttons for your web page.

The previous versions of these Weblets have been deprecated.

Radio button (std_rad_button)

A radio button.

Radio group (std_radbuttons)

A radio button group.

Tab pages (std_tab_pages_v2)

Tab control that allows content to be added for each tab page. Tab pages can be changed, added and deleted. You can modify tab captions through the tabs property.

TreeView (std_treeview_v2)

Provides an expandable collapsible tree

Vertical splitter (std_splitter_vert)

Vertical splitter control that allows content to be added for left and right splitter panes.