8.1.25 Prompter (std_prompter)


Properties - Prompter

The Prompter weblet provides a mechanism through which a user can select a value for a field, or fields, using a custom user interface presented in a pop-up panel.

The weblet creates a button like this:

When clicked, the prompter will call a webroutine and display its output in a panel like this:

This webroutine may call other webroutines as necessary, for example, pages in a list, steps in a wizard. When the final value is known, it is output in a predefined webroutine know as the "closing" webroutine. The prompter will recognize the closing webroutine, copy the value(s) into the current page and close. See the closing_wrname, field_mapping and field_name_to_exchange properties for more details on closing the prompter and accessing its results.