The value to post to the target webroutine in the field specified in the reentryfield property. If that field is alphanumeric, the value must be specified in single quotes. If it is numeric, the value can be specified with or without quotes.

This property is used in conjunction with the reentryfield property to describe how to post values to a target webroutine. These two pieces of information are required to accomplish this:

1.  reentryfield:  the field name that the target webroutine uses to refer to the information

2.  reentryvalue:  a literal value or a field name in this (the source) webroutine that contains the necessary information

Note: this property is provided to support a re-entrant programming technique that is commonly used in WEBEVENT applications. Web applications that are designed from the outset to use WAMs do not usually need to make use of that technique.

Default value


Valid values

Single-quoted text or the name of a field, system variable or multilingual text variable.