Used to set the properties of grid header columns. Can only be set by the designer. To invoke the designer use the ellipse button in the property sheet.

Default value

document(")/*/lxml:data/lxml:grid[@id='<unique id>'] - indicates the lxml fragment relating to this definition is store in the current document under the lxml data element and is identified as a grid with a unique id as generated.

Valid values

Not Applicable. (This value is system maintained.) Use the ellipses button in the property sheet to select grid columns and indicate the properties to be maintained.

In this example the field SURNAME will allow the column headings to be customized and the column will be sorted in reverse order when clicked:



The following example indicates that an LXML fragment with a unique identifier matching the value indicated by @id had been automatically generated in the current document to define the grid header properties.

You can review these LXML fragments by opening the XSL Source tab and searching for references to the unique identifier.