The name of the Webroutine, in the current WAM, to be invoked that will close the prompter panel. Leave blank if the closing_url property is specified.

The prompter will close as soon as this webroutine is loaded, however the webroutine design may flash briefly in the user interface so you should use a blank layout with no visible content.

All of the output values for the prompter must exist in the HTML output of the webroutine as <input> elements for the Prompter to be able to find them and transfer their values. The quickest way to do this and keep them invisible is to define them as *HIDDEN in your web mapbefore generating the HTML.

Default value

'Close' – this is a suggested Webroutine name only.

Valid values

The name of a valid Webroutine in the current WAM. Click on the corresponding dropdown button in the property sheet to select from a list of know Webroutines.