3.12.1 Technology Service Providers

Within thei18n directory, each Technology Service has its own directory containing localizable strings.

The strings for each language are stored in a file with the name:


where <lang-code> is a 2 letter ISO language code followed by an optional country code. For example "de-AT" represents German ("de") as used in Austria ("AT").

All strings used by the LANSA framework are defined in std_messages-en.json and this file is always loaded by the framework first. This way, if no translation is found the will at least be some string to use. Next, the framework will load and merge the language file for the current language followed by the country specific file. For example, if the partition language code is "de-AT" the framework will load the following files in this order:

This means that when defining the std_messages-de-AT file, you don't need to duplicate and maintain every string. Instead, you only need to define the strings that are different from the version found in std_messages-de.json.