QuickStart - Large List

1.  Create your (main) webroutine as you would normally do. However, don't define a WEB_MAP for your working list. Instead, include the Large List weblet where you would place the working list.

2.  Create a separate webroutine to serve the large list. Define a WEB_MAP FOR(*OUTPUT) for the working list. Define WEB_MAP FOR(*INPUT) for fields you need to tailor the content of your list.

3.  In your main webroutine, edit the Large List weblet properties:

a.Nominate the webroutine you created in step 2 as the webroutine to serve the list.

b.In field_names_to_exchange, select the fields you want to make available to the webroutine serving the list.

4.  To view the list, run your main webroutine.