QuickStart- Push Button & Push Button with Images

To add a push button to your web page:

1.  Click on the Weblets tab, select Standard Weblets from the drop-down list near the top and locate either of the Push Button weblets.

2.  Drag and drop the required weblet onto the web page. Click on the Details tab.

3.  Set the caption to specify the text to be displayed on the button. In the case of the Push Button with Images, set the appropriate image properties. A left-hand side image and a right-hand side image can be set.

4.  Set the on_click_wrname properties to the name of the webroutine to be invoked when the button is clicked. If the webroutine is in a different WAM to the current webroutine then you will also need to set the on_click_wamname property.