8.3.4 Standard Basic Layout (std_layout_V2 and std_layout[1-5]_v2)

Std_layout_v2 is a basic layout with a header and footer areas defined.

Standard layouts 1-5 are essentially the same but have different settings applied to determine the menus  to be displayed (std_layout1_v2, std_layout2_v2 …std_layout5_v2). 

When opened in the editor the std_layout1 weblet looks like this:


As you can see from this image the layout generally controls the menus, banners and images, the message box and the color scheme for pages using the layout. JavaScripts can also be applied at the layout level and will then apply to all webroutines using the layout.

The WEB_MAPs and weblets associated with a specific webroutine will appear in the body of the layout (below the message box).