8.3.1 QuickStart - Standard Layouts

Typically you will develop or customize a layout weblet to suit your own site standards or application.

You may choose to use the Site Layout Manager Wizard to help you create your site layout weblet (Refer to How do I Create my Own Site Layout? for further information).

To use your site layout weblet as the base for all the WAM layouts in your application, specify your site layout weblet as the Layout Weblet when creating each of your WAMs. This is the recommended approach.

Alternatively, to apply your layout to a WAM layout you may follow these steps:

1.  Open the WAM layout to which you want to apply the layout weblet.

2.  Select Weblet templates in the repository view and select Layout weblets from the Weblet groups dropdown list.

3.  Find the layout weblet you want to apply from the repository view.

4.  Drag and drop the layout weblet on to the Design view of your WAM layout.

5.  The layout weblet will be added to the existing layout.

6.  Set focus on the old layout and press the delete key. You will be left only with the new layout.

7.  Save your WAM layout

8.  If this is a customized layout for your site this is probably all you need to do.

Don't drop the layout weblet directly on to the design of the WebRoutine. If you do, the layout changes you make to the WebRoutine design will only apply to that WebRoutine, not to the entire WAM.


Note that the logo images used in the layout are defined in the std_style.min.css Cascading Style Sheet in the std_headerl and std_headerr classes.