9.5.15 HTML List (std_html_list)

Lists are used for data display, navigation, result lists, and data entry so jQuery Mobile includes a wide range of list types and formatting examples to cover most common design patterns.

A jQuery Mobile list starts as a simple HTML list (<ul> or <ol>). jQuery Mobile will apply all the necessary styles to transform the list into a mobile-friendly list view with right arrow indicator that fills the full width of the browser window. When you tap on the list item, the framework will trigger a click on the first link inside the list item, issue an AJAX request for the URL in the link, create the new page in the DOM, then kick off a page transition.

The HTML List weblet defines the list and configures various options and list-wide defaults. List items are created by adding one or more HTML List Item weblets to the HTML List content.

If lists are embedded in a page with other types of content, an inset list packages the list into a block that sits inside the content area with a bit of margin and rounded corners (theme controlled). Setting the inset property to True on the list weblet applies the inset appearance.

An inset list with 4 items (one configured as a divider)

Note: all standard, non-inset lists have a -15 pixel margin to negate the 15 pixels of padding on the content area to make lists fill to the edges of the screen. If you add other content above or below a list, the negative margin may make these elements overlap so you'll need to add additional spacing in your custom CSS.