By default, the button generates a POST request and automatically submits all fields in its parent <form> to the target webroutine. This property allows you to specify extra fields and values that should be sent to the target webroutine when the weblet is clicked.

This property can only be set by using the custom property designer, invoked using the ellipses button in the property sheet.

This shows an output field in the current webroutine (#SELSEC)  and a literal value ("FLT") being mapped to input fields (the "Name" column) in the target webroutine.

Note: You must set the onClickWamName and onClickWrName properties before editing this property so that the dropdown in the "Name" column can be correctly filled.

Default Value

document('')/*/lxml:data/lxml:json[not(@id)] (this indicates no items have been defined for this weblet).

Valid values

Not Applicable. (This value is system maintained.) To invoke the designer use the ellipse button in the property sheet.