Specifies the RDMLX data type of the field associated with the weblet. This helps some weblets perform data validation. This property is normaly set automatically when you generate or drop a field onto a design. You may need to set it yourself if you drop the weblet onto a design and then later associate it with a field.

Default value

Blank unless automatically set by the WAM editor.

Valid values

A | delimited string starting with the data type followed by extra parameters as required by the data type:

integer|<max length>

float|<max length>

packed|<total digits>|<fraction digits>|<decimal separator>

signed|<total digits>|<fraction digits>|<decimal separator>

dec|<total digits>|<fraction digits>|<decimal separator>

alpha|<keyboard shift>|<max length>

char|<keyboard shift>|<max length>

varchar|<keyboard shift>|<max length>

nchar|<keyboard shift>|<max length>

nvarchar|<keyboard shift>|<max length>