A unique ID for the weblet. This property is not required but, if supplied, allows the weblet to be directly referenced by CSS or JavaScript. The value must be unique within the page.

Note: jQuery Mobile loads pages using Ajax and inserts them into the current page, optionally performing an animation as it does. This means that the content for two webroutines may both exist in a page for a brief period of time. If both webroutines contain a weblet with the same ID and you have any custom CSS or JavaScript that references the weblet during this period of time you may get unexpected results. For this reason, you should aim to make an ID globally unique. Weblets that are automatically generated to represent fields do this by concatenating the name of the webroutine with the name of the field.

Default value

Blank. Weblets that are automatically generated to represent fields will have the value automatically set.

Valid values

The rules for valid characters and formatting in an ID attribute vary depending on the version of HTML you want to support. For specific details, look at the appropriate specifications:

To ensure compatibility with all versions of HTML, CSS and JavaScript libraries such as jQuery, you should stick to the following rules: