Appendix C. Deprecated and Unsupported Weblets

If a weblet can no longer be maintained because it is not supported by newer browsers or relies on features that are no longer supported, then their status is changed to 'unsupported'. If you are using unsupported weblets you should plan to upgrade to their replacements.

Weblets that have been deprecated or become unsupported are still shipped so that existing WAMs continue to work as before but they are normally removed from the Weblet Templates repository display. You can make them visible in the list by turning on the Show deprecated Weblets option in the XSL tab of the LANSA Settings dialog.

When a weblet is enhanced, best efforts are made to ensure that it remains backwards compatible so that existing WAMs continue to look and behave as they always did. However, sometimes, changes in browser behavior, specific implementation requirements of new features or other technical restrictions make it impossible to implement new features or fixes and maintain backwards compatibility.

When this occurs, a new weblet is created and the old weblet is left unchanged, with its status changed to 'deprecated'. The new weblet will usually have the same display name but will have a different XSLT template name (often with something like "_v2" appended to the name).

If the changes to the weblet properties or behavior is significant then the documentation for the deprecated weblet is retained in this section.

Weblets in this category include:

Weblet name


Attachment Panel (std_attachment_panel)

Panel with five areas where content can be dropped, Left, Top, Right, Center, and Bottom. Each of these has attachment layout manager behavior. Contents can be inserted or other weblets dropped into any of the five areas. Dropped weblets are sized according to attachment layout manager rules when they are dropped.

Banner (std_banner)

Panel that scrolls content such as other weblets, text, and elements dropped into it.

Date (std_date)

A text input box that supports the display, entry, prompting and validation of dates.

DateTime (std_datetime)

A text input box that supports the display, entry, prompting and validation of date and/or time values.

Dynamic HTML menu bar (std_dhtml_menu)

DHTML Multilevel Menu.

Push Button (std_button) & Push Button with Images (std_image_button)

A button with images. Images can be on the left or right, or both, of the caption.

Time (std_time)

A text input box with added features to support the display, entry and validation of times.

Tree view (std_treeview)

Tree control, Internet Explorer version only.

Tree view target (std_treeview_target)

Panel that is a target of tree control selection actions.