1. An Introduction to WAMs

This chapter gives you a very simple overview of LANSA's WAM architecture and explains each component.

This introduction doesn't describe the minutiae of every technology, command and parameter. Rather, it is a solid overview so that you can approach the use of WAMs with confidence. It is assumed that you have a working knowledge of the Visual LANSA Application Development Environment.

Why did LANSA develop WAM technology?

There are a number of reasons, but two key points stand out:

1.  Web technologies are evolving very quickly. HTML is no longer the only way to deliver web content. It is imperative that web application development in LANSA is readily adaptable to new technologies as they emerge.

2.  It is clear that application development is heading towards a component-based future so it is imperative that web application development in LANSA allows you to take full advantage of component-based techniques.