2.9 Messages

The messages weblet – std_ messages – formats the presentation of any application messages on a web page.

Message presentation is automatically incorporated at the top of all the standard shipped layouts which means you generally do not have to review, modify or even apply the std_messages weblet to your presentation.

A show_messages property is included on each shipped layout to indicate whether the message box generated by std_messages should be incorporated into the layout. The default setting for this property is to show messages. If you do not want to show messages or choose to display your messages in a different window, this property should be changed to false.

You can modify the basic appearance such as background color, of the message box interface by redefining the appropriate style sheet classes in your own CSS file. Alternately if you want a completely different visualization of the messages you will need to create your own version of the std_messages weblet and refer to this as required in your presentation interface.