2.1.4 How do I know where and when to use a Weblet?

You will be applying visualized weblets to your presentation, so the question of when and where to use a weblet is really a design consideration relating to how you want to view and modify information on the resulting web page.

For example, if you defined the following webroutine:

then compiled the webroutine to generate a default presentation interface for XHTML, the resulting web page would look something like this:


Notice that the default representation for the mapped value is an input capable field.

By dragging the Checkbox weblet (or the Boolean field visualization weblet) onto the field value you can change the presentation of the data so it is viewed and responds as a checkbox:


InfoPic Tip – If you define the field #YESORNO as type *BOOLEAN, the visual representation would automatically be a checkbox.


Refer to Standard Field Visualizations for details of the visualized weblets shipped with LANSA, including typical usage for each weblet.

The use of non-visualized weblets requires a thorough understanding of the purpose of the respective weblet. The purpose and application of the various non-visualized weblets shipped with LANSA is outlined later in this document.