2.1.5 Can I create my own Weblets?

Yes, you can create your own weblets to implement your site's standards or to encapsulate commonly used XSL code by using the New menu and choosing Weblet in the LANSA Editor's tool bar. You can then add the appropriate XSL code to define your weblet. Typically you will not need to add XML for the weblet. The XML tab is by default not visible in the LANSA Editor.

We recommend that you use a naming prefix other than std_ for any weblets you create. To simplify the management of your Weblets, create your own weblet grouping, and assign this to any weblets you create.

Remember you will need to create a version of your weblet for each Technology Service you intend to use the weblet with.

StopStamp Do not modify the weblets shipped with LANSA as these will be replaced during subsequent LANSA software upgrades.


StopStamp  If you create a new weblet using a standard weblet as a template, remember to change the name of the xsl:template as well as the file name. Two weblets with the same xsl:template name cannot be used together on the same layout or webroutine.