2.4.1 What is a WAM Layout?

A WAM layout weblet is a specific type of weblet that is used to give structure to the web page. Typically, it will define any titles, menus, message presentation or logos to be displayed. The WAM layout also controls the Cascading Style Sheet or other documents to be applied. (We'll get to this later in 2.7.2 What CSS files are loaded and how do I add my own?)

The WAM layout weblet is used as the basis for any presentation associated with the WAM's webroutines.

A single WAM layout is generated for each WAM regardless of how many webroutines are defined within the WAM. If your web application includes multiple WAMs, the same layout can be applied to all the WAMs in your application. This way, you can guarantee a consistent interface.

Contrary to what the name suggests, a WAM layout does not have to be made of visual elements – although it usually is.

The non-visual elements of a layout include references to XSL documents for: