2.4.4 How is a WAM layout assigned to a WAM?

A WAM-specific layout weblet is automatically generated for a WAM the first time it is built or compiled unless one already exists.

By default, when XSL is generated, the processor checks if a WAM-specific layout weblet already exists for the WAM. If a WAM layout does not exist, a new WAM layout weblet is generated and stored in the repository where the name is composed of the WAM name followed by "_layout". After it has been generated, your WAM-specific layout weblet is referenced by all the webroutines in the associated WAM. Any changes to the WAM-specific layout weblet will be reflected in all of the WAM's webroutines.

The Generate XSL options on a WAM compilation do not regenerate the WAM-specific layout. A WAM-specific layout is generated only once. Any subsequent modifications to the WAM-specific layout, or the assignment of a different layout, must be performed in the LANSA Editor.