2.4.7 Can I Change the Layout Weblet associated with a WAM Layout?

After a WAM layout weblet has been created for a WAM, you can open and edit this weblet in much the same as any other weblet. You can modify the properties associated with the WAM layout or you can replace the Layout weblet it is based on, using an alternative Layout weblet as the base.

To change the layout weblet used as a template for the WAM layout:

1.  Open the WAM layout weblet in the LANSA Editor. Select the Design tab.

2.  In the Repository tab, locate the weblet to be used as a layout. Drag this new layout weblet onto the WAM-specific layout weblet. The new layout will be displayed below the old layout.

3.  Select the old layout and delete it.

4.  Save the changes.

StopStampIt is important to execute the above steps in the prescribed order. By adding a new layout weblet to be used as the template, all existing objects are moved under this new template. After this step is complete, you can safely remove the old layout template without removing the dependant objects.