WAM010 - Using WEB_MAPs


In this exercise, you will see how fields are mapped from the WebRoutine executing on the server to the page and from the page back to the WebRoutine.

First you will create a WebRoutine that will pass all of the fields as input and output. Since all of the fields will be both input to and output from the WebRoutine, the data will be preserved when it calls itself. You will make changes to the fields and test this.

You will create a second WebRoutine that will not take all of the fields as input. You will transfer between the two WebRoutines to see how some data is lost, to better illustrate how the WEB_MAP statement works.

To achieve these objectives, you will complete the following:

Step 1. Create a new WAM

Step 2. Add WebRoutines to the new WAM

Step 3. Compile the WAM and Open for Editing

Step 4. Add buttons to the WebRoutine

Step 5. Understand the Web Routine

Step 6. Change the Employee Number field

Step 8. Add buttons to the WebRoutines

Step 9. Understand WEB_MAP


Before you Begin

In order to complete this exercise, you should have completed the following:

WAM005 - Create Your First WAM