WAM020 - WAM Navigation


In this exercise, you will create a WAM that will look up an employee's information based on an employee number. This WebRoutine will use re-entrant programming.

You will then create two more WebRoutines that will do the same lookup, but will be executed differently from the main WebRoutine. This will show you different ways to navigate through WebRoutines within the RDML, as well as demonstrate the fact that there are many different ways to accomplish the same task.

To achieve this Objective, you will complete the following:

Step 1. Create a new WAM

Step 2. Add RDMLX code to the new WAM

Step 3. Add Buttons and the Dropdown list to the WebRoutine

Step 4. Test and Understand the WebRoutine

Step 5. Add Weblet to a List


Before you Begin

In order to complete this exercise, you should have completed the following: