WAM075 - Using a Tree View Weblet


The Tree View weblet provides an expandable collapsible tree. It can be useful as a site navigation system or for visualizing complex hierarchical data.

The Tree View is filled with data from a working list. Similar to the VL Tree View, the source data may be unlevelled, where each entry has an id and specifies the id of its parent, or levelled, where the tree builds itself from a sorted list based on key columns in the list.

When using unlevelled source data, the list can be configured to use AJAX to request child entries from the server when a branch is opened by the user.

This exercise demonstrates how to build an expandable tree view. It will also show how to display detail data when an entry at each level is selected.

To achieve these objectives you will complete the following:

Step 1. Create WAM iiiTreeView – Using a Tree View Weblet

Step 2. Make the Tree View Expand

Step 3. Display Details for a Selected Department

Step 4. Display Details for Sections and Employees


Before You Begin

You should complete all preceding exercises before starting this exercise.