Step 2. Create a WAM

WAM005 - Create Your First WAM

In this step, you will create a Web Application Module that will eventually contain the RDMLX code for your First WAM.

1.  In the LANSA Editor window, select File, then New and Web Application Module:

     The New WAM dialog will appear:

2.  In the New WAM dialog box:

a.  Enter a Name of iiiFirstWAM (where iii are your initials).

b.  Enter a Description of My First WAM.

c.  Leave the Layout Weblet field blank.

d.  Select a Framework Personnel & Payroll.

e.  Click the Create button to create the new WAM.


3.  The New WebRoutine dialog will appear. Deselect the Show this dialog . . .  option and select Cancel. You will create your WebRoutines manually in the editor. You will use this dialog in a later exercise.

4.  The LANSA Editor will now display the WAM's RDMLX code. At this stage, it will not contain any WebRoutines: