Step 5. Open the Design view

WAM005 - Create Your First WAM

After creating the WebRoutine RDMLX within the LANSA Editor, you can edit the web page design for your WebRoutines. In this step, you will select the ReentryTest WebRoutine created in Step 1 and open the Design view.

1.  After the compile has completed successfully, open the ReentryTest WebRoutine in the Design view.

a.  Click the Open Design OpenWebroutineButtonbutton to open WebRoutine ReentryTest in the Design view.


b.  The Design view will open for the WebRoutine.

     The Design view will appear something like the following:

Once a WebRoutine has been compiled, a web page design with a WAM-specific layout (that you can modify) and field entry controls are generated and can be edited in the Design view. 

Note: Because you now have a layout Weblet that is only used by the iiiFirstWAM WAM, you can open it and edit it without affecting the layout of any other WAMs.

     The left hand pane includes these views used for working with WAMs:

     The right hand Design tab contains the following Views:

     The bottom pane contains the following View: