WAM080 - Session Management


This exercise initially shows how session management operates using a single WAM.

WAM iiiSessionMng demonstrates how various WebRoutines within the same WAM can manipulate and share data that is automatically stored on the server. There are a number of key concepts to understand when implementing session management.

Begin_Com Role(*EXTENDS #PRIM_WAM) Layoutweblet('iiilay01') Sessionstatus(Active)

Web_Map For(*none) Fields(#empsave #empdata) Options(*PERSIST)

The For(*none) keyword value means the fields are not mapped to and from the web page.

For more details refer to WAM Session Management.

  • A second WAM will be developed that shares the session established by iiiSessionMng. This will demonstrate how more than one WAM may share a session and the persistent fields and lists which session management enables.
  • WAMs share a session by having a BEGIN_COM statement that declares Sessionstatus active and has a common Session groupname. For example:
  • Begin_Com Role(*EXTENDS #PRIM_WAM) Layoutweblet('iiilay01') Sessiongroupname('MYSESSION') Sessionstatus(Active)

    Description of WAM iiiSessionMng

    The Search WebRoutine web page will look like the following:

    To meet these objectives you will complete the following:

    Step 1. Create Session Management 1 WAM

    Step 2. Retrieve and Store Employee Details

    Step 3. Create Session Management  2 WAM

    Step 4. Test the Session Management Application


    Before You Begin

    You should complete all preceding exercises in this workshop.