WAM130 - Output a Web Page to a File


Running a WAM using the X_RUN command, enables the WebRoutine output to be saved to a file. This enables permanent (instead of dynamic) web pages to be created from your application. This may be an advantage when seeking to optimize search engines searches over your public web site. It can also be used as a method of saving results which will be fixed for a period of time (for example monthly statistics) rather than repeatedly running a WAM to calculate the same set of results for each user enquiry.

Output to a file from a WebRoutine is supported for Windows, IBM i and Linux servers but you need to be aware of differences with the X_RUN command parameters used. See a Saving a WAM's Output to a File for more details.

Since the WebRoutine output goes directly to an HTML file, it can only contain output generated by the WebRoutine.

To demonstrate WAM output to a file on Windows and IBM i (if available) you will complete the following:

Step 1. Output Employee Enquiry to a File

Step 2. Run WAM to output to a file in Windows

Step 3. Run WAM to output a file on IBM i


Before You Begin

Complete the introductory exercises, WAM005, WAM010, WAM015 and WAM020 before starting this exercise.