Step 5. Apply External Resource to the Common Layout

In this step you will open the common layout iiilay01 in the editor and apply your External Resource to this layout and test the results.

1.  Open the layout iiilay01 in the editor. You could do this by opening it directly from the Last Opened tab on the Favorites tab, or by locating it on the Repository tab under Weblets.

2.  With the common layout iiilay01 open in the editor, as before select the Design ribbon and use External Resources / Manage External Resources dialog to Add the external resource III_STYLE to the layout.

3.  Save the common layout and close it.

4.  Open the WAM layout for WAM iiiUsingCSS and remove the external resource from this layout.

5.  Close the WAM layout.

6.  Execute the begin WebRoutine in the browser for WAM iiiUsingCSS. You should obtain the same results as before. Your style sheet for list alternate rows is applied to the list on the List page and is not applied to the grid on the Grid page.

7.  Open the WAM iiiEmpSearch in the editor and execute the Search WebRoutine in the browser. Enter suitable employee numbers to display a list of employees. Note that the new cascading style sheet has been applied to the list.

     All WAMs which were defined using the common layout iiilay01 will have the new cascading style sheet applied. Any web page containing a list will have the CSS applied giving new alternate row background colors.