WAM050 - A Section Maintenance Application


Your completed application will look like the following:

To achieve these objectives you will complete the following steps:

Step 1. Create  iiiSecMaint - Section Maintenance WAM

Step 2. Add a Details WebRoutine

Step 3. Create iiiSecAdd - Add Section WAM

Step 4. Complete the AddSect WebRoutine

Step 5. Set up the 'New Section' button on the Begin page for ii SecMainti


Before You Begin

The AutoComplete Weblet

The AutoComplete weblet provides suggestions while you type into the field. The suggestions are provided by a WebRoutine using Ajax.

A sourceWrName property defines a called WebRoutine, which supports the AutoComplete weblet by returning a list as JSON data. The WebRoutine must have a Response(*JSON) keyword. The weblet calls this WebRoutine when you type into the input box.

A listName, labelField and ValueField define the list of values that the AutoComplete weblet displays.

Note: The AutoComplete weblet in this exercise will display matching department codes by reading the file DEPTAB using Generic(*yes). This provides a simple introduction to implementing this weblet, but does not provide a realistic example. Since the file DEPTAB has a very small number of records a complete list of values shown in a combo box would be a better implementation. You will also use the Dynamic List Box that was part of the previous exercise.