How to find JSM Version Numbers

The trace files contain the version numbers of different Integrator components.

The TRANSPORT.TXT trace file contains the version number of the jsm.jar file, this value follows the manager: version entry. The version number of the DCXS882X service program follows the transport: Client-Version entry. The CCSID, language and country code of the client application is also shown.

=================== TRACE OPEN ===================
manager: version : 14.2.0
manager: date    : 2006-05-11 15:04:36 +1000

client thread: client address :

client thread: read command
transport: read protocol head
transport: Client-Type : iSeries
transport: Client-Version : 14.2.0
transport: Client-CodePage : 37
transport: Client-Language : ENU
transport: Client-Country : AU
transport: Content-Type : application/command
transport: Command-Length : 12

=================== TRACE CLOSE ===================


The HTTP_KEYWORDS.TXT file created by most HTTP services also contains version information.

The DIRECT-VERSION keyword value is the version number of JSMDirect.

The PROXY-VERSION keyword value is the version number of JSMProxy.

The USER-AGENT keyword value contains the version number of the Integrator User Agent.

USER-AGENT = LANSA-UserAgent/14.2.0(Client)


To determine the version of JSMDirect and also JSMProxy, use a web browser to execute the CGI programs with no service argument.

For IBM i:




For Windows



The CGI programs will return an HTML page displaying version information.