Step 10. Test iiiFN05 function with User Agent

INT006 - Department List Inquiry

In this step, you will test your Department List Server by running the User Agent file you created in Step 9.

1.      You will run the User Agent using iiiPRO05_client_test.lih and send iiiPRO05_request.xml to the iiiFN05_SERVICE service on the JSM server.

a.      In the XML List Request folder, double click on iiiPRO05_client_test.lih to open the User Agent. In the File menu, select the Open Source option.

b.      Double click on iiiPRO05_request.xml. Review the XML in the Source tab:

c.      From the File menu select Send. Click Yes, then OK to confirm the completed transaction. The XML source has been sent to function iiiFN05 on the server.

2.      Verify that the Response tab looks like the following:


         The iiiFN05 function, called by the iiiFN05_SERVICE service, has processed the iiiPRO05_request.xml and returned an appropriately populated version of iiiPRO05_response.xml.

3.      As in exercise INT005, you might want to try other valid Department codes. To do this, open iiiPRO05_request.xml and change the ADM or FLT text to the desired test data. The Department Descriptions in the Response will change accordingly. Invalid Department codes should return a Department Description of DEPARTMENT NOT FOUND.