Step 2. Create a CSV file with Column Headings to Send

INT003 - Using the LANSA User Agent

In this step, you will create the file containing the data to be sent using the LANSA User Agent. The file contains a list of employee numbers and the new salaries for those employees.

1.      Start the Notepad editor in Windows.

2.      Enter the following comma separated data:






         Ensure that the employee identifiers in the EMPNO column (A1004, A1005 and A1006) exist in file PSLMST in the partition where the server side RDML function will execute.  (If the data does not exist in PSLMST file, substitute employee identifiers that do exist.) Enter the rest of the data as shown.

3.      Using the File menu, select the Save As option using these options:

Save in

locate the project directory which you created in Step 1. For example: C:\Program Files\LANSA\Integrator\Studio\workspace\iii Training\solutions\SendCSVFile\

File Name


Save as Type

All Files