The optional keyword NUMBERFORMAT is used to handle numeric strings, where the decimal separator is not the decimal point character ".".

XML content always uses the "." as a decimal separator, but CSV or TSV data could use another character.

The keyword value can take one of the special values or a locale string.

The presence of this keyword will override other default actions.



No formatting.


Use the JDK default locale.


Use the locale of the LANSA function or RPG program job.


Use the locale of the remote user agent.


Locale string.


If no keyword is present, the 'numberformat.locale' entry in the associated service's properties file is used.

If there is no keyword or 'numberformat.locale' no formatting is done.

For inbound content handlers if the number format is *USERAGENT, the HTTP protocol property X-USER-AGENT-LOCALE is used, if this is not available then the *CLIENT value is used.

For outbound content handlers if the number format is *USERAGENT, the value of the LOCALE keyword is used.