Step 5. Binding Deployment & Configuration

INT007 - Department & Employee Server

In this step, you will deploy the jar files and update the HTTPInboundXMLBindService properties file using the Integrator Studio. With your iii Training project open in Studio and with the JSM Server instance open (right hand panel):

1.      With your project iii Training open in Studio, expand the folder Integrator / properties and open the file in the Properties Editor. This contains the properties you have already created in exercises INT004 and INT005:

         These properties have already been published as a section in the server file. You will now add properties for the iiiPRO06_request and iiiPRO06_response services.

         Note: If your project did not already contain this information, by opening the server on your project tab and then using Retrieve Section on the Instance / file, you can retrieve this properties section into your project Integrator / properties folder.

2.      You will refer to the properties editor shown above as Properties Editor (1).

a.      Open the file in the Server XML Employees Request folder, and copy the code into Properties Editor (1). Close the second editor

b.      Open the in Server XML Employees Response folder and copy this code to Properties Editor (1). Close the second editor.

c.      Your properties file should now look like the following:

d.      Save your changes and exit the Properties editor.

e.      Right click on your local file (in the left panel, in Integrator / Properties) and select the Publish Section option from the pop-up menu. A message will ask you to confirm publish. Select Yes. You have now updated the project section in the file on the server.

3.      Deploy the jar files.

         You must now copy the jar files from your PC into the appropriate JSM server directory. You will send the jar files to the directory \instance\bindings.

a.      In the Server XML Employees Response folder, right click on iiiPRO06_response.xml.jar and select Send To / Integrator Folder from the pop-up menu. Select Yes when asked if you want to copy the file over.

b.      Repeat for iiiPRO06_request.xml.jar.

c.      In the left panel, expand the Integrator / bindings folder. One at a time, right click on each jar file and select Publish File. Select Yes when prompted.