Step 9. Create User Agent Host Configuration file for iiiFN06

INT007 - Department & Employee Server

In this step, you will create a new User Agent configuration file to test your server function. As in previous exercises, the User Agent will act as a client querying the server you have created.

1.      Copy the iiiPRO05_client_test.lih file to create iiiPRO06_client_test.lih:

a.      In your XML List Request folder, select iiiPRO05_client_test.lih. Open it for editing by right-clicking and selecting Open With / Properties Editor. Click the Save As toolbar button, or select Save As from the File menu. Save it to folder Server XML Employees Request.

b.      Enter iiiPRO06_client_test.lih and click Save. Click Yes when prompted. Now you have a new User Agent file to use for this exercise.

2.      You need to modify the User Agent file to connect to the new service you have created, instead of your old service. The iiiPRO06_client_test.lih should still be open. Make the following change:

Old Line

New Line






         If your using a local Windows web server and JSM Server the URI should look like the following:

3.      The User Agent Host Configuration file is now ready to test iiiFN06_SERVICE and iiiFN06. Save and close iiiPRO06_client_test.lih.