Step 1. Set up file JSMCLTDTA.txt

It is unlikely that Integrator is licensed on your Windows machine.  Therefore you will want to point to the server where Integrator is licensed.  If you are licensed to run Integrator on the same hardware on which Visual LANSA is installed then skip to Step 2.  The file in Windows is JSMCLTDTA.txt. The file can be setup and edited using any text editor such as Notepad.

It is located in the path: c:\Program Files\LANSA\x_win95\x_lansa assuming that Visual LANSA is installed in c:\Program Files\LANSA

The file may contain two keywords:

For example the following entries specify the DefaultServer as the IP Address and Port No.

# localhost:4560 is the installed value for DefaultServer

# If you are connecting to a different server and/or using

# a different port, please change the setting below to reflect

# the server and/or port, ie,

# DefaultServer=MyHost:4560



Entries beginning # are comment lines and are ignored.

With the file JSMCLTDTA.txt correctly set up you can complete these exercises by compiling and executing your functions in Windows only, without checking in to the IBM i server. When running them, your functions will access the JSM on the IBM i server.